" ...the ability to establish, grow, extend, and (where needed) restore trust among stakeholders is the critical competency of leadership needed today" (Stephen M.R. Covey - author The Speed of Trust)















Of all the threats that could potentially make the MOPEC idea (or concept, if you will) dead on arrival, none is more lethal than a lack of trust - on the part of potential members & supporters.


We have therefore set up an Accountability Page where stakeholders can review periodic reports.


Because this is a new concept that people are not [yet] familiar with, some of the first questions that come to mind typically include:


  1. Who owns it?

  2. Who runs it?

  3. How am I sure someone is not trying to take my money, and use it to live the good life?


First, and foremost, if people would truthfully ask ALL those questions about the government of the day, and/or the large (conventional) financial services institutions - they would at least conclude that someone (unaccountable to them) is already taking their resources (taxes, labour, savings) and living the good life at their expense. That establishes the need for an alternative (which is what MOPEC offers).


You know what is even more intriguing? Less than 0.5% of the population controls [practically enslaves] the other 99.5%+. How is that possible? There is a higher level of trust among them than the other 99.5% (in addition to their being much better organized) - in other words, the slave masters trust their fellow slave masters, but the slaves have not been able to figure out a way to trust each other, though they trust the slave masters' representatives/overseers (e.g. large banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions, politicians, etc).


Indeed, the more these privileged few abuse [e.g. steal retirement savings, pervert the tax code to take from those who have the least and give to those who have the most] the other 99.5%+, the more the abused majority focus their angst and mistrust at each other. The privileged few have significant advantages - control of >80% of corporate assets, control of the government (all branches), control of regulators, etc. If the other 99.5%+ cannot figure out how to trust each other, the slavery will never end - it is the classic divide and conquer strategy.


All the MOPEC idea needs from you is just a little benefit of doubt (even 1% of the trust you unconsciously give politicians or the large banks & financial service institutions) - allow the idea to remain innocent until proven guilty.


The entrenched institutional forces of our day (politicians and mega-banks easily come to mind) have repeatedly acted in ways that justify a ‘guilty till proven innocent’ attitude; but most people still extend trust to them on even serious life decisions (retirement savings, for example) – their [99.5%+] victims need an alternative, this is why you should give MOPEC a chance.


MOPEC, from the name is member-owned; not only that, it is member-governed. So, it is an organization of everyday people by everyday people for [promoting the interests of] everyday people.


Nothing beats transparency, and that is what MOPEC wants to be about. Specifically:



There are 2 types of inflows into the MCWS PayPal account


  1. MOPEC Membership Subscriptions

  2. Jump-Start Contributions


MOPEC Membership Subscriptions


A typical membership as of June 1, 2016 will cost US$26  – US$25 of this is an administrative fee payable to MCWS, the other US$1 is MOPEC Equity Capital. 


For now, the MOPEC Equity Capital portion of purchased subscriptions is only being held in trust by MCWS – the MOPEC Steering Committee has complete oversight and authority on any disbursements. Therefore, unless and until the Steering Committee decides otherwise – the US$50 per subscription should be available in the MCWS PayPal account.


For example, if there are 100 subscriptions purchased, the MCWS PayPal account balance should not dip below US$10 (the per person US$1 x 100=US$100) – unless the Steering Committee instructs that it be moved wholly (or partially) elsewhere. Such instructions from the Steering Committee will be disclosed in the weekly or bi-weekly accountability statement posted online.




  1. We want each contributor/supporter and/or prospective MOPEC member to be able to see when their specific payment got into the MCWS PayPal account. Furthermore, they should be able to see outflows and compare that with the terms set out above.

  2. For privacy reasons, we will delete some sections of the PayPal report - but we want to at least leave date, email, and ZIP or postal code. These are unique identifiers that you can use to locate your specific payment and confirm that it is accounted for. We will however obscure things like name and email with alternate lower case Xs. For example will show up as, will show as 


Our goal is to ensure that the MOPEC idea gets off the ground - if not for anything else - to provide an alternative. We would do anything possible to demonstrate transparency & accountability. We welcome your thoughts & suggestions via email to


Remember that MOPEC is in a Catch-22 position - most people have been 'programmed' to believe that things are done a certain way (simply because there is [or was] no alternative). When there is no alternative, the incumbent structure can claim credibility by default or monopoly.



For us to challenge the incumbent structure, we need your help to push through our message that highlights the flaws & shortcomings of the status quo, as well as, presents a plausible (or credible) alternative.


Without your monetary support, we will not be in a position to present a credible, plausible alternative to the status quo. People are likely to believe in an alternative, if it is credible when presented; but, a credible alternative will NEVER be presented unless we secure the funding necessary to give it the required credibility. PERCEPTION, more often than not, trumps substance.


The MOPEC idea is transformational - it will open doors that were hitherto restricted to the wealthiest few to everyday people. But unless it has a chance to get off the ground, most people will never be able to evaluate it objectively.


We invite you to be  part of the change.